Thomas J Henry

Thomas J Henry

Over the years, Thomas J. Henry has gone from being the premier auto, trucking, and on-the-job injury firm in Texas to becoming a nationally-recognized personal injury practice handling all types of accident claims and representing clients in mass tort, product liability, child injury, and whistleblower protection cases nationwide. Despite the firm’s exponential growth, we have managed to thrive on a very simple and highly successful business model- a clear commitment to client satisfaction fostered by highly skilled attorneys and a devoted support staff. Putting clients first and maximizing their recovery is paramount, and our continued success speaks for itself. When you hire Thomas J. Henry to represent you, you have more than our proven track record; you also have this personal guarantee from Thomas J. Henry himself.

Since the beginning of his legal career and the inception of his law firm, Thomas J. Henry has been an integral part of the South Texas community. In addition, Mr. Henry has provided resources to national and international causes. Mr. Henry’s philosophy is to ensure that his success is spread in the community and, on a greater scale, in the United States and world. It is only through human interaction and helping others that we form a closer community, closer country, and closer world.

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