Santa Suit Sponsor

Santa Suit SponsorThe Elf Louise Christmas Project has 224 Santa suits, 108 of which are more than ten years old. In 2009, these 224 suits dressed 440 Santa teams over six days. Each Santa delivers gifts to 11 families over a four hour period. Needless to say, each suit gets a lot of wear and tear, and Santa needs a little help to stay well suited up.

Our Santa dressers need to replace some of the older suits so Santa continues to look sharp on his route. We also need spare suits for those rainy days when there isn’t time to clean and dry the suits between deliveries. So why do we go to all this trouble? A delivery by Santa Claus transcends charity – shouldn’t every child get a visit from the jolly old elf? Please consider sponsoring a Santa Suit – a new suit, wig, boot covers and belt for $149.99.

Become a Santa Suit Sponsor today and donate using PayPal or mail a check to the address below!

Elf Louise Christmas Project
P.O. Box 39107
San Antonio TX 78218