Santa Room Helpers

You will be able to sign up to be a volunteer for the 2017 Christmas season starting on June 1st.

Click to view Santa Helpers volunteer dates on our 2016 Calendar. Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on VolunteerSpot

Come and rub shoulders with San Antonio’s finest, the Elf Louise Santa’s!  Greet the Santas as they arrive for their appointed routes during Santa Delivery hours. Match the Santas up with the perfect Red Velvet Santa suit. Bulk up the skinny Santa’s with a form filling Santa pillow. Help the Santa’s get into their white wigs and beards, apply the finishing touches to each Santa, while at the same time instilling each prospective Santa with the proper amount of ho-ho-ho!  Watch as normal San Antonians, both men and women alike, are magically transformed into the Big Guy – Santa Claus!!  When the Santas return from their appointed rounds assistance is needed to turn Santa back into a mere mortal, to properly store the Santa suits, and launder all of the Santa Wigs and Beards. The experiences and tails the returning Santa’s share with the Santa Room workers are priceless. Recommend age 17 and above. To volunteer, click on the Volunteer Spot button above.

Caution: Working with the Elf Louise Santa’s can be a life changing experience…

Four to six people are needed at all times during the Santa delivery schedule. The time frame for Santa deliveries runs from mid to late December. Daytime hours are available on the weekends and evening hours are available on weekdays.