2017 Events

If you would like to schedule an event to support the Elf Louise Christmas Project fundraising efforts, please contact Elf Louise at (210) 224-1843 or by Email



DECEMBER 1, FRIDAY & DECEMBER 2, SATURDAY, WOAI RADIOTHON & SILENT AUCTION: 6AM – 6PM at the North Star Mall.  Come out and bid on Silent Auction Items, Make a Donation at the mall or by telephone, or bid on online auction items. Watch for updates as we get closer to the Radiothon! Our pledge line is 979-7700.

WE NEED Volunteers to help with the LIVE MALL AUCTION and ONLINE AUCTION. It is fun and easy. Sign up for 2-3 hour slot. Just need your name, email, and phone number. Look forward to seeing you there! Sign up for the “Elf Louise Silent Auction 2017 North Star Mall” volunteer schedule at http://signup.com/go/9wPdLN

Online Auction: Wednesday, November 23rd Thru Saturday, December 3rd.  Check out our online auction items at https://www.biddingforgood.com/WOAIElfLouise or on your mobile device at https://bforg.com/WOAIElfLouise