Data Entry & Office

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Although many of our volunteers love to wrap and deliver gifts to the children of Bexar County, we also need volunteers that are willing to work behind the scenes and in other areas. These volunteer opportunities include:

DATA ENTRY: This detail-oriented task that is ideal for anyone with basic personal computer skills familiar with using basic application processing software. The process involves reading names, addresses, ect. listed on the paper applications submitted to the Elf Louise project and keying the children’s information into a customized data base using a form that appears on the computer screen. Approximately 6,500-7,000 applications are received each season and processed by our data entry team. We can easily accommodate groups of up to five people using the equipment currently available. Work is processed at the Bracken Texas warehouse (18615 FM 2252, San Antonio, TX  78266)  and flexible daytime hours are usually available. To volunteer, click the Volunteer Spot button above.

COMPUTER LIST AUDITING: This is another vitally important detail-oriented task that is ideal for anyone who enjoys working with compiled data base information. Once all of the children’s data has been entered into the Elf Louise data base a master list of information is printed. All of the children’s data that has been entered into the data base is checked for accuracy to insure that all of the information that “Santa” receives about each child is correct and that all address information has been correctly entered into the Elf Louise data base. (After all, Santa needs sound information to accurately program the GPS and locate each child to be visited!) Groups of up to five people can be easily accommodated to perform the auditing task.


Students needing community service hours are encouraged to earn these hours by working at the Elf Louise Christmas Project. Verification forms detailing volunteered hours will be provided by project supervisors upon request.