Break-Down and Clean-Up

You will be able to sign up to be a volunteer for the 2017 Christmas season starting on June 1st.

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It’s not over when it’s over! The Elf Louise Christmas project does not end when the last Santa Run is completed in late December!  For  approximately two weeks, beginning the last week in December, many willing hands are needed to break-down and clean-up the workshop.  The remaining Elf Louise Christmas Project toys, Santa Suits and supplies must be sorted out, counted and boxed up in preparation for return to the Bracken Texas warehouse and storage.  Recommended age for this activity is 15 years of age or older. To volunteer, click on the VounteerSpot button above.

Have you ever washed 250 Santa Suits?  We have! The Santa suits have to be cleaned and checked for repairs, wigs and beards cleaned, detangled and brushed, and boot covers polished.  Nothing gets packed away until it’s ready for the next year’s deliveries.   Do you have washing and sewing experience? Would you like to help prepare our Santa suits for the next year’s teams?