NEW HOME FOR 2017!!!

Because of the generosity of the people at PORT SAN ANTONIO, Elf Louise will have a NEW HOME located at 391 Industrial Park Rd., San Antonio, TX 78226. (For Google Maps and IPhones, you may have to put in 535 Industrial Park Rd) You can get to Industrial Park Rd by coming onto Port San Antonio via Gen Hudnell when coming from the East, or 36th St when coming from the West off US Hwy 90. When taking General Hudnell, pass the traffic light at General Billy Mitchell and the traffic light at General McMullen and the traffic light at 36th street. The next street after 36th St is Industrial Park Dr. Turn left and pass the Chromalloy Building on your right, and the next building is the Elf Louise building. The main entrance is on the right side of the building as you face the front. At the time of writing this, 36th St is not yet open all the way to General Hudnell, so take 36th St until you get to N. Frank Luke Dr . Turn right on N. Frank Luke Dr. Right after you pass the Passenger Terminal on your right, turn left on Industrial Park Rd. Cross Gen Hudnell and be careful at the stop sign because cross traffic does not stop. Continue on Industrial Park Rd. Pass the Chromalloy Building and Elf Louise will be the next building on your right.

PLEASE NOTE!!! Most GPS systems will not get you to the right building. Just follow the above directions.


Elf Louise Christmas Project
PO Box 39107
San Antonio, TX 78218

(210) 224-1843


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ST CECILIA's ROCKTHEHALLS - Friday December 15th Concert 6pm-9:30pm. Give a toy, Sing for Joy.



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